Friday, March 7, 2008

Disney Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance and MORE

These are some of the cartoons that I raised on and also learned how draw from. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!! With each cartoon I gave a small history about them.
~Rummy Munster

This short was released in 1929. My favorite Silly Symphony, this used to scare me as a kid. Also is responsible for the way i am today haha.

Susie is a small blue coupé on display in a dealer showroom who is bought by a well-to-do man who is taken with her. Thrust into high-society, she finds herself surrounded by much larger, more luxurious cars but eventually makes do. She is pampered, but time takes its toll on her, mechanically and cosmetically; eventually, her owner trades her in. A second man buys her but her new life is much less pampered, being left her outside, in the cold and being poorly-maintained. One night, she is stolen, chased by the police and totaled in the resulting wreck. Rotting in a junkyard, all looks hopeless for Susie when a young man notices her, buys her, and completely restores and revives her into a brand new hotrod.

Susie the Little Blue Coupe is an animated short film released theatrically by Walt Disney Studios on 6 June 1952. The 8 minute film was directed by Clyde Geronimi and based on an original short-story by Bill Peet, the story was adapted for the screen by Peet and Don DaGradi.
The DVD release of The Love Bug featured this short as a special feature.

Walt Disney - The Little House
This is Disney's The Little House from 1952. I've been getting some request so see it. I can understand that. I was DYING to see it again once I got it in my head to do so. Somethings from your childhood really stick with you. Enjoy everyone!

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