Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Were Never Friends Comic update

Okay we posted the new comic up a few weeks ago along with some random little comics. We are working on number 4 right now and things are starting move along in the story plot. Also getting a little darker... But never fear, we'll keep that "Rocky and Bullwinkle" style of humor!

This a frame shot from the 1st comic. The picture below has Desmond in it.

In the 3rd comic "And so it begins" I made some changes to his face and to his body. Most his face tho... This was do to lack of emotion in his face, also in the 3.5 perspective his facial features were non-existent. SO here are the 2 different Desmond's, the one with color is the old and the black and white one is the new one.

For those you are just now getting into the WWNF story line, here is a little over few on the plot: oke, so the deal is that i get an idea/ideas and they seem to kick ass, but when they get down on paper they almost always look like crap. probably just my genius at work, making me go all "THIS IS SWINE SHIT!!!" and then down a fifth of whiskey. in any case, here goes (in some abbreviated form). please be gentle unless you have the full million bucks up front. this is more or less the product of listless brainstorming. at first i was thinking the title should be "not quite right", but me and Rummy warmed up to "we were never friends". the overall theme is that everyone has their own quirks and problems, prohibiting them from ever reaching any sort of real success. A better way of saying that, I suppose, is that personality differences keep the characters actively getting in each other's respective ways. real dark comedy, tongue in cheek shit. ba dum bum. i like the idea of tying fictional characters in with real people and locations, sort of an "concurrent alternative reality" thing. basically, san luis obispo with the occasional giant robot or zombie infestation. Well there is in a nutshell!!

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