Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alice art show

Let me begin by thanking all the artists who took the time to create and submit works for Through Alice's Eyes.
21 artists were involved and 81 pieces of art were submitted to the show.
I got to know a lot of people really well and the ones I already knew I got to know better.
There were somethings that happened at the show that were NOT GOOD. Mostly some peoples lack of respect for other peoples art work and getting the way of people's enjoyment of the art. Also I feel that having 3 bands at the show was a bad idea... BUT let us not focus on the negative things that happened. Instead I will focus on the positive.! Over all the show was great and another themed art show is in the works for next year!!!
Also we still have the Day of the Dead show coming up this year. Sadly I won't be able to be there in person, I will have some pieces for the show.
I'll have some more updates coming soon and also upload some picture from the show.
~Rummy Munster

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