Friday, July 4, 2008

About Patriotic Popeye (1957)

Two of Popeye's nephews get caught playing with fireworks on the Fourth of July. Popeye takes them away, and they spend the rest of the picture trying to get them back (mostly by getting Popeye away from them).
Directed by Izzy Sparber
Writer: Carl Meyer
Jack Mercer as Popeye(voice)(uncredited)
Original Music by Winston Sharples
Art Department
Robert Owen scenic
Animation Department
Frank Endres animator
Thomas Johnson animator (as Tom Johnson)

This was good in that it was a change of pace from the normal Popeye versus Bluto slug-fest, but it wasn't that funny, either.

Most of it shows two of Popeye's nephews who want to set off a bunch of fireworks for the Fourth of July. Popeye says that stuff is dangerous and won't allow it, so the little guys try to get Popeye away from the shed where he stored the fireworks, so they can break in and use them. These are somewhat wise-guy kids but, in the end, naturally who do they need to bail them out? You know who.

Overall, okay, but not one of Poepye's more entertaining 'toons of the period.

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