Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay Updates!!!

So I have a few little updates.... My online comic book as been on hold for awhile and I'm sorry to all about that. It's not that we run out of story line or anything, it's just my personal life is rather up and down now that I've moved to Oregon. I've become a stay at home Dad haha, guess the upside to this is I have all the time I want for my art. Sadly there really is no one to talk to about art with around here. Just a bunch of red necks, all tho they do make for some great stories.
So I'm doing everything my email and phone and that just not the same as person to person. Well back to the topic at hand.... We Were Never Friends is going under some changes. For 1) I've been talking with my friend and co-creator about the color of the comic and saw that turning the comic into a Noir style. I think going black and white would save time and also have cool effect. SO hopefully in the next few weeks we'll have a new comic out. 2) The website is going have a overhaul soon. It needs it badly(www.wewereneverfriends.com)
NOW with Ghosts A Go-Go Toons, I've made a lot of changes! One being the NEW etsy acct and also made a myspace for G.A.G.G. As for the BLOG I moved things around and made a new banner. As for Munster Radio, I'll make updates to that soon. I feel my art is more important right now, and with Bettie Page show coming up next month and having a Alice in Wonderland show in the summer. I say I'm going to be rather busy haha.
Well with all that be said, hope you all check out the new myspace and etsy Acct!!

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