Monday, February 23, 2009



I know money is growing tight with every pasting month, and dropping something like $300.00 or more on a piece of art is shocking now a days. So that is why I marked everything down!!! Here at Ghosts A Go-Go the highest price you'll see is MAYBE $60.00.. MAYBE..

I believe good art doesn't need to cost an arm or a leg or even your first born. If you find yourself falling in love with one of my pieces of art, the price shouldn't break your heart or the bank. Every picture comes with a frame at no extra cost!!! (The frames are a nice solid black plastic out-line, real glass with a wood backing and 2 metal hangers.

Also with every order I include a mix bag of random little things!! Who knows what you might get?? A bat, eye ball, fiji mermaid, or even a little gremlin the list goes on.

I'm also including a free T-shirt from my old clothing line called "Anti-You". The shirts come in red with black font or black with red font and they say "Anti-You" on them. As for the size chart: Youth SM to Youth LG / Adult SM to Adult XXL...

Now the shirts are on limited supply SO PLEASE send me a message here on etsy or and let me know what size and color you want!!

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