Tuesday, July 28, 2009

El gran amor del conde Drácula(Count Dracula's Great Love)

*** This may contain spoilers ***

1870. A quintet of wayward travelers -- one jerky guy and four hottie
ladies -- wreck their stagecoach in the middle of nowhere and seek
refuge in the opulent castle of Dr. Marlow (glum, stocky, plain-looking
Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy, who's miscast, but not half bad in the
part), who turns out to be none other than Count Dracula. Dracula
develops a special interest in Karen (lovely, charming brunette Haydee
Politoff), a sweet and chaste virgin with pure blood Dracula needs to
resurrect his long dormant daughter.
Javier Aquirre's bluntly effective
direction may lack grace and subtlety, but it does the crudely pleasing
trick just the same: there's plenty of nicely creepy'n'misty
atmosphere, cruddy dubbing, gorgeously voluptuous actresses who happily
disrobe with satisfying frequency (Rossana Yanni, Mirta Miller and
Ingrid Garbo are all absolutely ravishing as deadly, yet enticing
bloodsucker babes who attack their victims with ferociously uninhibited
abandon), lurid, ratty photography, a suitably abundant amount of
sleazily graphic sex and violence, a few endearingly hokey cheap scares
(a black cat jumps out from behind a door), a spooky ooga-booga score,
and a hypnotically slow pace. Granted, this flick sure ain't no work of
exceptional sophisticated art, but it still hits the scuzzy spot as a
perfectly trashy serving of Eurojunk horror fun.

Directed by
Javier Aguirre
Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Javier Aguirre writerAlberto S. Insúa writerPaul Naschy story and screenplay (as Jacinto Molina)

Cast (in credits order)

Original Music by
Carmelo A. Bernaola
Cinematography by
Raúl Pérez Cubero (as Raul Perez Cubero)
Film Editing by
Petra de Nieva
Art Direction by
José Luis Galicia (as Galicia)Jaime Pérez Cubero (as Cubero)
Makeup Department
Mercedes Guillot .... hair stylist Emilio Puyol .... makeup artist
Production Management
Miguel Ángel Bermejo .... unit manager Francisco Lara Polop .... production manager (as Lara Polop)
Special Effects by
Pablo Pérez .... special effects
Camera and Electrical Department
Manuel Agudo .... second camera operator
Other crew
Blanca Astiasu .... script secretary

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