Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's around that time of year!!

It's time to clean house and re-build Munster Radio!! I'll be posting new music and changing the lay out of the myspace profile. Also I'm working on making a website for Munster Radio and adding some new music tour line ups! I've been working on my art (Ghosts A Go-Go) for a long time now and sadly Munster Radio took a back set. BUT not anymore!! I'm looking for new bands that I can play on my show. Genres I'm looking for are Death Metal / Black Metal / Metal / Psychobilly / Punk / Alternative / Surf / Rockabilly / Rock / Indie / Bluegrass / Gothic ETC. !!NO RAP OR HIP HOP! OR THAT CRAPPY COUNTRY THOSE CRAZY KIDS PLAY NOW A DAYS!! If you have a press pack you can mail it to: Munster Radio 4151 Summercrest ST. SE Albany OR. 97322 OR If you have MP3s just send me a email on myspace or ~Von Munster

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